So 35 is here! Last post I did was on the eve of 34 and thought this a good tradition to continue. At this rate I’ll at least do one post a year lol.

This past year has been “good, great and wonderful” (in the words of my little ones). Even when it’s hit some uphill battles I can truly say that The Lord has been teaching me the truth of His joy and peace.

My biggest joy this past year was welcoming Ariah Rhoda on the 10 Jan 22. There was a small price to pay but it indeed feels small in the light of holding her with me right now. I was hospitalised on 28 Nov 2021 (at 28 weeks gestation) and left hospital with my baby girl 53 days later. I had a life threatening pregnancy with a placenta percreta. I had bleeds on 3 occasions prior to my delivery and Ariah’s delivery entailed me losing 4 litres of blood and my uterus intra-operatively. Thanks to God my life was spared. I am truly so thankful to the Lord that I came out of this battle alive without complications and with the additional gift of my beautiful baba.

There were many lessons I learnt in this time and I’m thankful to the Lord that He allowed me to go through this experience. In my 8 weeks in hospital two Words became a reality- “rejoice in the Lord” and “Be still and know that I am God”. This made my time in hospital such a special time for me and one that I will look on with fond memories. My wonderful room mates of H-ward and my doctors were a big blessing to me. I also realised just how abundantly rich I am with my “village of support” -my mother, in-laws, family and church family. At the centre of that being Dwain. I see God’s undeserved grace when I look at him and the love He has given us and I’m just sooo thankful!

I’m thankful for the lessons I learnt this year. The Lord has spoken to my heart about Him being my treasure, above all and everyone else. Really trusting HS to help me live a repented life, that I might be holy as Jesus is and live sold out to Him.

I’ve said sad goodbye to two friends this year and it’s again made me realise how fleeting life on earth is. He has set eternity in my heart and I want to love Him, long for Him and live for Him as never before. The words of the good old army hymn rings in my mind- “All my work is for the Master,
He is all my heart’s desire;
O that He may count me faithful
In the day that tries by fire!

I’m thankful to be here- alive, 35, and in His hands. It feels good to be entering into this new life year embracing God’s purposes for me, part of that being to cherish every moment with my babies and Dwain. God is truly so good! To God be all the glory, honour, dominion and praise forever and ever♥️

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